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Gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer birthday cake

{one pretty pin} Lilly Pulitzer birthday cake

This two-tier Lilly Pulitzer birthday cake is so amazing! I love the colors, the palm trees, the grabs, and of course the elegant, swirly monogram on top. The cake is …

A party FOR dogs! So cute!

{one pretty pin} Stylish puppy party

Oh my gosh you guys. This incredibly stylish and colorful little party was thrown just for dogs! It’s a “Boston Terrier Tea Party” inspired by Kate Spade. A low table, …

Pretty baby shower! Flowered diaper cake and DIY tassel garland

{one pretty pin} Baby shower table

This is such a simple and pretty setup for a baby shower! I love that the diaper cake is decorated with flowers. The colors are just lovely, too. You can …

Strawberry shortcakes

{one pretty pin} Strawberry shortcakes

This rustic-yet-chic-and-perfect display of miniature strawberry shortcakes is from a beautiful wedding on Style Me Pretty. (Just look how all the strawberries area facing the same way, and every last …

Pretty pink and white party table

{one pretty pin} Simple sweets table

I love the simplicity of this party table, with its all-white candy, clear and pink glass serving dishes, and the huge pink balloons. More isn’t always more, is it? Not …

Sweet little Easter bunny cookies

{one pretty pin} Bunny cookies

These are the most adorable little Easter bunny cookies, aren’t they?! A bunny wearing a pearl necklace – oh my goodness. These little cuties are made by Icing Bliss using …

Tassel garland by Studio Mucci

{one pretty pin} Tassel garland by Studio Mucci

I’m in love with this tassel garland… and the picture of it! The garland is by Studio Mucci (who’s a great person to follow on Instagram, by the way), and the …

Easy circus cupcakes

{one pretty pin} Carnival cupcakes

For a carnival or circus theme party, cupcakes don’t get any easier than this! This idea is so charming and sweet – white frosting, rainbow colored sprinkles, and Barnum’s Animal …

Simple sprinkle cake for a birthday party - LOVE

{one pretty pin} Sprinkle cake

The beautiful simplicity of this cake makes me smile. Also, unlike many cake decorating ideas I’ve seen, I’d actually be able to pull this off without having a meltdown, so …

Milk and cookies COOKIES! So cute. By

{one pretty pin} Milk and cookies

These milk and cookies COOKIES are just the cutest things! The cookies also happen to match my new milk and cookies party invitation perfectly, which makes me like ’em even …