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Halloween color palette

Party Palette: Happy Halloween

The classic Halloween colors are all here, in a cute, crafty party table by Hobby Lobby. I especially like the pom pom wreath! Photo: Hobby Lobby on Pinterest Check out …

Fall colors #colorpalette

Party Palette: Fall colors

This adorable cake is from a grandparents’ day party but the color scheme is just right for fall! It’s not-quite-Halloween-y, despite the black and orange. Love it! Photo: In Flight …

Cute as a cupcake party #colorpalette

Party Palette: Cute as a cupcake party

Eee! This color palette makes me so happy. Yellow is my favorite color, and it looks perfect with the pinks and blues in this “cute as a cupcake” party by …

Gorgeous vintage floral color scheme #colorpalette

Party Palette: Vintage floral cake

I love, love, LOVE this gorgeous floral cake by Butter Hearts Sugar. And I love the colors it was made in, too! Pinks, light orange, cream, and mint. Just so …

Donuts and garlands #colorpalette

Party Palette: Donuts and dot garlands

So which is better: the donuts or the garlands? : ) This pretty pic is from a tutorial by Oh Happy Day. Learn how to make the dot garlands AND …

Tropical wedding cake #colorpalette

Party Palette: Tropical wedding cake

Ooooooh. How pretty are these colors together!! I just love the purples, aquas and peach together. It’s a little unusual but SO gorgeous! This cake is from a tropical Caribbean …

Romantic color palette

Party Palette: Romantic party table

The pinks, greens, and taupe in this party table are so romantic and sweet! No wonder, since it’s from a wedding – a really pretty one. See more here. Photo: …

Fall party #colorpalette

Party Palette: Fall party

This is just an absolutely perfect color palette for a sophisticated fall party! Instead of bright orange, there are pretty shades of brown, peach, and even a bit of coral. …

Bridal shower flowers #colorpalette

Party Palette: Bridal shower flowers

This lovely flower bouquet is from a bridal shower photo shoot, and I just love the mix of flowers, the red and the peach, and the footed vase! See more …

Blue, green, and pink party #colorpalette

Party Palette: Confetti party

This adorable party cart is part of a blue, green, and pink confetti theme party by Sara of Confetti Sunshine. It’s one of the simplest and most fun looking parties …