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Gorgeous photo by Linda Lomelino

{one pretty pin} A to Z

I fell in love with this image as soon as I saw it! Then I found out it’s by Linda Lomelino of Call Me Cupcake – one of my all-time …


{one pretty pin} Flamingo straws

Oh my word. If these aren’t the cutest straws I’ve ever seen…! They’re the brilliant DIY creation of Abby at Féte Gazette, using glitter, styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners, and feathers. …

Pink and black dessert table

{one pretty pin} Black balloons

Black balloons at a party? Why not, when they’re as pretty as this! The graphic black-and-white party table with pops of pink is absolutely gorgeous. Featured pin • Original source: The …

Donut bar with a chalkboard menu

{one pretty pin} Donut bar

This is such a cool idea. First of all: it’s a donut bar. That’s pretty much all it takes to be cool in my book. But secondly, check out the …

Gold sequin tablecloth

{one pretty pin} Gold sequin tablecloth

HELLO showstopper! Oh my, this sequin tablecloth is really amazing, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure the stuff on top of the table is nice, too, if I could get myself …

White balloon backdrop

{one pretty pin} White balloon backdrop

Besides loving the colors in this party table – the peach! the gold! the aqua! – I also really love the balloon backdrop. It’s what, a few dollars’ worth of …

Milk and cookies party

{one pretty pin} Milk and cookies party

There’s something so modern, funky and cool about this milk and cookies party, while still being so cute! I love the red, black and aqua color scheme, and the simple …

Party Palette: All Things Pretty at the Confetti Fair

Party Palette: Rustic pink and brown dessert display

This amazing table setup by Love Every Detail inspired a rustic color palette of pinks and browns. There’s a sort of shabby chic feel to this picture (the ruffles, the wood, the …

Donuts and milk

{one pretty pin} Donuts and milk

What a great idea this is! I’ve seen it done with cookies, but never donuts. I think I’m going to call that an upgrade. A cup of milk, a donut, …

First birthday wishes - each guest ties a note to a candle

{one pretty pin} Birthday wishes

This is such a lovely birthday tradition idea! Have each guest write a wish on a small card (these say “I wish, I wish with all my heart…” at the …