How to make a tissue paper rose initial wreath

This fabulous crepe paper rose wreath is easier to make than you might guess! It just takes a few easy-to-find materials, plus a little patience and some glue, to make an initial wreath of your very own. Here’s how:

Cut out Styrofoam in the shape of the letter needed.  For best results use a serrated knife.  Don’t worry about making “perfect” cuts.  The paper roses will cover any cutting mistakes!  If you aren’t able to muse Styrofoam to make your letter, Michael’s does sell large cardboard letters that would work perfectly for this!

To connect the Styrofoam pieces, use toothpicks and Elmer’s glue.  Let the glue dry overnight.  You may be able to use hot glue, but be careful not to get the glue too hot, or it will melt the Styrofoam.

Take your crepe paper sheets and begin to cut them into 4X4 squares.  I found crepe paper sheets at Hobby Lobby with the crepe paper party streamers.  This is the same material they use to make the streamers, except it is in large sheets.  If you aren’t able to find this, then use a high quality tissue paper.  You will need A LOT of these squares to make your roses.  I used 2 packages of the crepe paper sheets.

Take your square and pinch the bottom of the square directly in the middles.  This will make the edges bunch together.

Twist the bottom of the square to make a flat, skinny flap.  This is what you will glue to the Styrofoam.  Once you twist the paper, it will create a paper rose.

I found that hot glue is the best to glue down your roses.  I tried Elmer’s glue and found it took too long to dry and the roses didn’t stick well.  Be very careful not to get your hot glue too hot.  Once you place hot glue on the Styrofoam, fold the skinny flap down and stick it into the glue.  Lightly press the rose into the Styrofoam until the glue dries.  The glue will slightly melt the Styrofoam, but the paper should stick right along with it.  Cover the edges of the letter first, and then fill in the rest.  Then complete the sides of the letter.  This will be a LONG process, but hang in there!  It will be worth it!!

Once the Styrofoam is covered with your paper roses, glue a ribbon hoop to the back of the letter.  Make a bow and hot glue to the top of the loop.  Hang and enjoy!

Make your own paper rose initial wreath