10 fun party games you can play with water balloons

Here are 10 fun party games you can play with water balloons this summer! These games will be a big hit for all ages:

1. Water Balloon Spoon Races via Two Shades Of Pink – All you need to stage this race are some wooden spoons from the dollar store and some smaller size water balloons.

2. Water balloon baseball via Backyard Sidekick – Super easy. Super fun!

3. Catch The Water Bombs – Attach a colander to a bike helmet using string. Form teams and choose one helmet wearer per team. Have team members stand behind a throwing line and see how many successful catches are made by the “team catcher.”

4. Water Balloon Piñatas – Fill full sized balloons with water, hang them within reach, grab a stick and a blindfold, and let the kids swing away! Note that the balloons are quite heavy when full. Hanging the balloons with regular yarn doesn’t cut it – you’ll need to use something stronger. Also, the fuller the balloons, the easier they pop. Under-filled balloons will be very hard to break.

5. Water balloon jousting via Ziggity Zoom – This game is made from inexpensive materials. Kids take turns poking the balloons with the “jousting stick” to see if they can pop the balloons and get wet!

6. Water Balloon Target Practice via Motherhood On a Dime – Use chalk to outline several targets on your driveway and have the kids test their aim. Targets can be big or small and you can assign point values based on difficulty. The kid with the best score wins a prize!

7. Duck Duck Splash  Just like the classic, except in this version the “ducks” get tapped with a water balloon and the “goose” gets splashed.

8. Water Balloon Towel Toss via Love Play and Learn – A team of two uses a beach towel to toss a water balloon to the other team. You can make the game even more exciting by having the teams take one step backward after each successful toss.

9. Free for all water balloon fight via Making Merry Memories – enough said! : )

10. Water balloon basket catch via The Boston Globe – A twist on the classic catch game. Instead of catching with your hands, use a laundry basket to see if you can catch balloons without popping them!

PS. Making a ton of water balloons can be a pain, I know! Check out the Bunch O Balloons self-sealing water balloons. They look like they’d get the job done easily.

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