Summer is finally here and today I’m sharing our Top Ten summer birthday party themes that are the inspiration you need! Summers are full of birthday parties and it’s so fun to embrace that summer spirit and throw a party that’s inspired by the season. Here are our top 10 summer parties!

Top 10 Summer Birthday Party Themes. The inspiration you need this summer!

Under the Sea Birthday Party

Under the Sea Birthday Party from Chickabug!

Nothing says summer like the ocean, so why not go under the sea! The crab, whale, turtle and other sea critters are just adorable, and this party theme is a good excuse to break out the water games and play.

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Popsicle Birthday Party

Popsicle Birthday Party from Chickabug!

On a hot summer day, popsicles are just the thing for a cool party. The bright colors are so fun and cheerful, and there are some seriously cute and easy crafts you can make for a popsicle birthday (I mean… check out the backdrop from this party!).

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Whale Birthday Party

Whale Birthday Party from Chickabug!

For a preppy, cute, and beachy party, a whale theme can’t be beat. My favorite thing is that you can call your little one “my little squirt” on the invitation!

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Pink Lemonade Birthday Party

Pink Lemonade Birthday Party from Chickabug!

What could be more summery than a lemonade stand! A pink lemonade theme for girls is just too precious. You can serve lemon-inspired party food, make the most adorable pink lemonade party favors, and of course the drinks are a no-brainer! ; )

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Luau Birthday Party

Luau Birthday Party from Chickabug!

Time to break out the grass skirts and leis, because everybody loves a luau! Whether in the backyard or at the pool, it’s easy to transform your party space into a tropical paradise (some of my favorite options are at Oriental Trading, like this hibiscus fringe). Add in some personalized touches and you’re ready to luau!

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Nautical Birthday Party

Nautical Birthday Party from Chickabug!

Ahoy! For a little sailor, a nautical theme party is the cutest thing. It’s preppy and fresh with an all-American color scheme of red, white and blue (so you can grab 4th of July decorations when they come into stores at the beginning of summer – think hanging fans, party lanterns, paper plates, etc!). Or for a feminine twist, you can also do a nautical party in pink.

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Strawberry Birthday Party

Strawberry Birthday Party from Chickabug!

Oh, I just think a strawberry birthday is the cutest! It’s super sweet for little girls – with a strawberry outfit to wear, strawberry shortcakes to eat, and perhaps a strawberry piñata to break open? It’s a lovely theme for summer that isn’t all about the water (although nothing says you can’t have a strawberry party at the pool!).

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Shark Birthday Party

Shark Birthday Party from Chickabug!

Boys LOVE sharks, and a shark birthday is a great excuse to get wet in the pool, or to splash and play in the back yard. The color scheme is super easy – all blue! – and you can pick up inexpensive summertime gear like sand pails and flip flops to use as party favors.

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Pool Birthday Party

Pool Birthday Party from Chickabug!

This one pretty much speaks for itself, doesn’t it? If you have a pool, or access to one, throwing a pool party is kind of a no-brainer! Bright colors, beach balls, flip flops, and easy party food (how about these pop cakes!) are all it takes to make a great pool party.

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Watermelon Birthday Party

Watermelon Birthday Party from Chickabug!

Last but not least, a watermelon party is one of my all-time favorite summer parties for girls. It’s such a sweet an innocent theme – almost retro, but not quite! The party food will have to feature watermelon slices, of course, but there’s actually a surprising amount of fun recipes you can make for this theme. For decor ideas, check out this adorable party (be sure to look for the paper plate fans!).

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