How to throw a pre-trick-or-treat party - a mini party that's fun and easy!

Today’s blog post is a guest feature with Tiffany of Fizzy Party!

Every year my friend’s daughter goes trick-or-treating with her friends. To help the kids from getting tired and cranky and eating every piece of candy as soon as they get it, my friend throws a pre-trick-or-treat dinner party. This is fun for the kids, easy on the parents, and can be stress free with these tips!

1. Keep it simple and use decorations you already have up or simply add a few to the dining table. Place a few mini pumpkins and some spider rings at each place setting, and you’re done!

2. Make the food Halloween themed, but keep it simple and easy. Serve spider pizza, spaghetti and “eyeballs,” or hot dog mummies. Remember, there’s no need to go all out on a fancy dinner and add stress to your night. Be sure to ask parents of your child’s friends if they have any food allergies.

3. Ghost bananas, pumpkin oranges, and string cheese witches’ brooms are all fun and healthy food to fill the kids up before going out for candy.

4. Glow sticks make great party favors. The kids can wear them as they head out trick-or-treating, which will help keep them safe.

5. Time to trick or treat, and have a Happy Halloween!!

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