The Ultimate Guide to Golf Par-Tee Food!

I’ve filled orders for quite a few golf theme birthday parties over the years, and I’m always impressed by the cute puns that my customers come up with for their party foods! But, even though many of those parties are featured here on my blog, I realized there’s no single source for future golf party planners to get ideas. How easy would THAT be, to just pick and choose from a list instead of looking all over for ideas?! Well, future golf party planners, you’re in luck! I’ve dug through every golf party I’ve ever worked on to create Chickabug’s Ultimate Guide to Golf Par-Tee Food! : )

The table tents shown in all of the pictures were made using an editable instant download DIY printable file that is available here in my shop! Also pictured: instant download DIY printable signs and golf theme water labels!

Golf party stickers, water labels, iron-ons, address labels, and party printables are all available here!


BOGIE Hoagies – sub sandwiches! Put a golf tee in the top to hold the sandwiches together.

CLUB Sandwiches

SAND WEDGES – any type of sandwich will do! To make them extra-cute, put a golf tee in the top, or wrap the sandwiches in scrapbooking paper and close the paper with a sticker.

Peanut PUTTER Sandwiches

Pizza by the SLICE

BIRDIE Fingers – chicken fingers

BIRDIE Nuggets – chicken nuggets

BIRDIE Wings – chicken wings

BIRDIE Bites – anything bite-sized will do!

Irons – meat

PUTT PUTT Pasta Salad

BUNKER Balls – meatballs or cheese balls

LINKS in a Blanket – pigs in a blanket

LINKS – mini hot dogs or mini sausages

Mac and “TEES”

MULLIGAN Meatballs – I’ll admit, I looked this one up: “A mulligan, in a game, happens when a player gets a second chance to perform a certain move or action.”

CHIP SHOT Dogs – hot dogs or pigs in a blanket

PAR and Beans – pork and beans, or just plain beans will work too

BUSHetta – Tomato & basil bruschetta

HOLE-in-ONEs – Deviled eggs

Veggies & Sides

DIVOTS – green crudités such as green peppers, broccoli and celery

Flag Sticks – carrot and celery sticks

PUTTER Potato Salad



Golf Ball Salad – mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes

CHIP Shots – potato chips, Sun Chips, etc.

CHIP It In – potato chips, Sun Chips, etc.

CHIPPING Area – potato chips, Sun Chips, etc.

ROUGH LIES – potato chips, Sun Chips, etc.


GREENS in Regulation – salad

The GREENS – salad or veggie platter

Fruit & sweets

Fruit PAR-faits – fruit salad in small cups. You can also add pudding, whipped cream, etc. to make them true parfaits.

FORE fruit kebabs

Fruit SLICES – fresh fruit or gummy fruit candies

PARS and Apples – Pars are pears! Add any other fruit to the mix to make it fun (pars & oranges, pars & grapes, etc.)

CADDY Buffet



SAND TRAPS – make Rice Krispie treats, frost half of each square with white frosting, and dip them green sprinkles (the green is the “grass” and the Rice Krispie part is the “sand”).

Chocolate CHIP cookies

Peanut PUTTER Cookies

BUNKER Balls – cake balls or cake pops



“Get in the Cup” Cakes

Masters Green Jackets – make cookies in the shape of little green jackets – so cute!


Iced TEE

Sweet TEE

Arnold Palmers – tea and lemonade mixed together

WATER HAZARD – water bottles on ice (yep – the water labels I make are 100% waterproof!)


Beverage Cart – this is great as a printable sign, hung at the drink station

The Watering HOLE

BACK NINE Beverage Bar


The 19th Hole – beer for the grown-ups!

And you should always say…

Thank you FORE coming – at the favor table!


Golf theme paper goods & printables from Chickabug


Where to buy the table tent cards shown in this post

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Golf Party Editable Buffet Cards (INSTANT DOWNLOAD)


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Golf Party Editable Buffet Cards (INSTANT DOWNLOAD)


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Golf Party Editable Buffet Cards (INSTANT DOWNLOAD)