Here’s an adorable superhero party for 3-year-old Lucca, whose friends were invited to “superhero training camp.”

Superhero party food - hero sandwiches! Printable sign from Chickabug

The party food included “Hero Sandwiches” with condiments served on the side (a good idea, in case of picky eaters).

Superhero party activity - make your own superhero! Printable sign from Chickabug

As a craft activity, kids colored their own superhero. The cardboard people came from Michael’s, and the custom printable signs are from Chickabug.

Superhero party game - test your super strength! Printable sign from Chickabug

The superheroes-in-training tested their superhero strength by punching the windows out of a building – such a cute idea! The building is made from a big cardboard box. Lucca’s mom cut rectangles for windows, then lined them with tissue paper.

Superhero party game - leaping over "tall buildings"!

Another fun game was leaping over tall buildings in a single bounce. : ) They also practiced running fast after villains!

Superhero party

A highlight of the party was getting to meet Spiderman (Lucca’s dad, in costume), and of course, the super cake! The cake toppers are by Anders Ruff.

Superhero cake


Chickabug superhero party theme paper goods & printables