It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a super adorable birthday boy!! Meet Gavin – a 3-year-old with a serious love of superheroes. Don’t you just love his stylin’ hair and little strut??

For Gavin’s birthday party, only a superhero theme would do. So, Supermom Audrey put together an amazing party for Gavin’s big day, complete with a very special surprise guest.

I decorated a cupcake stand with spray paint, scrapbook paper and ribbon. The yummy cake on top and surrounding cupcakes were decorated with custom fondant toppers from Kids Cakes and Chickabug cupcake toppers and wraps. I alternated Gavin’s customized wrappers with glitter wrappers I traced on cardstock using the same pattern. Cupcakes were just from my local grocery store as I had not energy to make them or desire to clean up the mess!

I am very lucky to have an amazing candy warehouse in my town. I picked up ALL the candy there in the party’s signature colors of red, blue and yellow.

The Radioactive Super Straws were a BIG hit with both kids and parents. They were glow stick straws I found at Walmart for $3 per dozen in the party section.

In addition to the custom water bottle labels we also served lemonade with added frozen strawberries and blueberries to match the color scheme, along with Hero Sandwiches (party subs) and lots of other healthy food to power up the Superheroes (or to counteract the effects of the candy buffet:).

When the kids arrived, they all picked up their Superhero Gear bags which included custom capes I made for each child (no two were the same!), Superhero rings, glow sticks and beads (everyone loves wearing beads, even the boys!).

Here are some of the little heroes wearing their capes and playing a game of “Joker, Joker, Batman” (aka Duck, Duck, Goose).

The most perfect Spider-Man bounce house I found, to jump away all the extra sugar! Notice the birthday boy peeking out!

Spider-Man himself (from a local kids party character company) made a special surprise appearance, bringing the birthday boy a gift basket filled with comic books, Spider-Man candy necklaces (Walmart) to share with his friends, Spider-Man pajamas and even “webs” (aka Silly String) to play a special game with. I taped pictures of villains (from a calendar found at a dollar store) on the back wall and the kids took turns “shooting webs” at the bad guys. This was a HUGE hit!!!! Even Spider-Man got in on the action with them.

Spider-Man signed autographs of pictures I found on the internet and had printed in a headshot format at my local drugstore. Even the little guys lined up to get an autograph!

Kids also had pictures taken with Spider-Man – with Gavin’s printable banner in the background – to have as special take-home souvenirs (I’m going to include the pictures with the thank-you cards).

Birthday boy shooting the bad guys with mommy!

I just love this picture of him blowing out the birthday candle!

All the kids (and some of the parents!) were sent home with old fashioned candy bags in yellow and blue filled with their favorites from the candy buffet. I sealed them with the favor tags printed on sticker paper so nothing would spill out on the way home. It was an amazing and fun party, and I enjoyed planning all the little touches. Thanks for making this party SUPER!!!!


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