I’m happy to welcome a special guest poster – Jen Carver of Banner Events! Jen put on a St. Patrick’s Day pancake party for her kids using free printables that I designed for HowDoesShe, and she’s here to share photos and all the details of her shindig with us. Take it away, Jen!

My children are huge “breakfast for dinner” fans. When I was trying to think of ways to incorporate the traditional “Leprechaun searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” I thought it would be fun to somehow incorporate rainbow colors into our meal. Then the thought of a stack of rainbow pancakes came to mind!

I divided our pancake batter into 5 bowls and added a few drops of food coloring in each and voilà, our rainbow was achieved!

Of course, this rainbow stack was made all the more cute by inserting half of a lime green and white striped straw with one of your adorable little pennant flags on top!  Each child received their own little package of Leprechaun gold (chocolate gold coins) packaged up with your coordinating polka dot paper & a little scalloped punched “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” topper.

My children loved drinking out of their festively wrapped water bottles with shamrock straws purchased from JoAnn’s Craft store.

For dessert, they enjoyed mini trifle bowls layered with green (banana cream pudding tinted with food coloring) and chocolate pudding, topped off with swirls of whipping cream and sprinkles. Of course, they loved the ‘Absolutely No Pinching’ labels that were attached and were sure to remind one another of this paramount rule!

Thank you for your interest in our little celebration! I hope it provides your readers with some easy ways they can use your printables to add some fun to their St. Patty’s Day celebrations! -Jen



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