Green drinks for St. Patrick's Day - fun and festive recipes for adults AND kids!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by going green, all the way down to your drinks! : ) Here are some green drink recipes for all ages, from cocktails to milkshakes to kid-approved beverages.

1. For adults: St. Patrick’s Day grasshopper ice cream cocktails – via Dine and Dish

2. For adults: Sparkling shamrock champagne cocktails with honeydew shamrock garnishes – via Formal Fringe

3. For adults: Green apple martinis with a rainbow sugar rim and chocolate candy shamrocks. Or for kids, keep the garnishes but use a green drink like Lemon Lime Kool Aid instead. – via Oh My! Creative

4. For all ages: Copycat McDonald’s shamrock shakes – via Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons

5. For all ages: Key lime pie green smoothies (made with healthy stuff but tastes like heaven) – via Healthful Pursuit

6. For kids: Green-tinted milk served with a side of Lucky Charms – via Thoughtfully Simple

Now… need a lucky green snack to go with that drink? Here are some ideas!


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