St. Patrick's Day breakfast ideas!

Start your St. Patrick’s Day off right with a lucky breakfast! Whether you’re after rainbows or shamrocks, sweet or savory, there’s something here that you’ll like:

1. Top o’ the Morning Lucky Charms pancakes via Betty Crocker – so cute, it’ll be worth picking all the marshmallows out of your cereal.

2. St. Patrick’s Day shamrock eggs are a healthy (but still super fun!) breakfast recipe – via Moscato Mom

3. Homemade rainbow pop tarts with rainbow frosting on the outside and a rainbow of fruit on the inside – via Le Top

4. Rainbow waffles with fluffy whipped cream clouds – via Tablespoon

5. Make a lucky four leaf clover shaped spinach quiche – no special pan necessary! Use the quiche recipe of your choice and bake using a disposable aluminum pie pan. Using scissors, snip the edge of the pie pan at every quarter, then bend inward towards the quiche to create a shamrock shape. Pinch the pie crust together at the new inner seams. Wrap the pie pan with tin foil to help maintain the shape while baking.

6. Rainbow swirl bread would go great with green eggs. Or make French toast with it! – via Tablespoon

7. Double rainbow pancakes! Rainbow pancakes on the bottom and rainbow fruit skewers on top – via Tablespoon

8. Shamrock cinnamon rolls are easy to make using store-bought dough – via The Celebration Shoppe


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