Adorable snowman treats

It’s December! Bring on the cookie swaps, the parties, and the just-because-I’m-feeling-jolly snacks! (There’s no better excuse to eat cookies for breakfast than because they’re festive, am I right?!) ; ) To kick off December with a big dose of cuteness, here are some adorable and easy snowman themed sweets:

1. Marzipan snowmen via Good Housekeeping – these are made of rolled marzipan that’s dusted with confectioner’s sugar, but you could also use powdered donut holes to make them.

2. Easy snowman marshmallows via Sugarbelle’s – these make me smile! They’re precious, and simple to make, too.

3. Frosty and friends cupcakes via Parents – made from plain donut holes that you frost and decorate. I love their jaunty hats!

4. Snowman ice cream sundae via Midwest Living

5. Melted snowman marshmallow cookies – cookies with a sense of humor! Just unbelievably clever.

To make them, spoon royal icing over your baked sugar cookies (uneven shapes look best). Next, liberally grease a plate or silicone mat with shortening. Place marshmallows on the mat, spaced out (1 marshmallow per cookie you are decorating). Set your microwave for 20 seconds and watch the marshmallows cook – as they start to puff up, you are ready to go. Don’t let them get huge or melt. You just want them to puff. Stop your microwave BEFORE they double in size. Liberally grease your fingers with shortening and pick up one marshmallow at a time and kind of smoosh it into place. You don’t have to be neat or perfect. Repeat this step for each cookie and then let the icing set up just a bit.

Now you have your base ready to go and you can decorate as you please. You’ll need some piping bags and size 1 or 2 tips. You can also use a zip top bag with a very small hole cut in the corner. Color some medium/stiff consistency royal icing the colors of your choice and have fun!

6. Mint Oreo snowman truffles via Cookies and Cups – the little twine bow tie is such a sweet detail. You can use the same easy recipe to make the snowman truffles as well as the “regular” truffles shown in the photo, too.


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