14 Fin-tastic Shark Party Ideas! #sharkparty #sharkweek

A shark theme party is a classic summer party theme that’s fun and easy to pull off. Here are 14 shark party ideas that are great for a shark theme birthday party!

1. Smiling shark cake pops via Cupcakes Take The Cake

2. Personalized shark t-shirt from Priceless Kids

3. Shark party invitations from Chickabug

4. Easy shark plates (just cut a slit and put a “fin” through) via The Creative Vault

5. Mozzarella triangle “shark teeth” via Delia Creates

6. Watermelon shark via National Watermelon Promotion Board

7. Shark fin soda bottles via Double The Fun Parties

8. Shark fin ice cube tray

9. Gummy sharks from Candy Warehouse

10. “Shark infested waters” Jello – use the shark fin ice cube tray to make the fin – via The Vaughn Household

11. Candy coated Bugles as “shark teeth” via Kara’s Party Ideas

12. “Eat at your own risk” treat station, made from paper plates and construction paper, via Pinterest

13. Cranberry juice and gummy shark ice cubes (“blood in the water!”) via Pink Possibilities

14. Easy shark cupcakes via Martha Stewart

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Shark theme party paper goods and printables from Chickabug - www.chickabug.com