This super-cute Sesame Street party was sent in by Linda of Night Owl Corner. Linda says, “For my daughter Sophie’s second birthday we had a huge Sesame Street party. I spent HOURS planning and creating things for this party, including the character pom poms and all of the Sesame Street themed party activities.”

Sesame Street birthday party with lots of ideas for decor and games!

The adorable Sesame Street cake and cupcakes were homemade.

Homemade Sesame Street character poms - so cute!

All 6 character pom poms are handmade – Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Zoe, Elmo, and Grover. Linda used this tutorial to make the poms and drew the facial features herself using a Sesame Street coloring book for inspiration. She cut them out with construction paper and then attached them to the poms with pipe cleaners. She glued the faces on one end of the pipe cleaner and then wrapped the other end around the center of the pom.

Homemade Sesame Street character poms - so cute!

Linda hung each pom pom using two pieces of fishing line. The first piece was attached at the center and was used for hanging. A second piece was attached under the mouth to keep the face from drooping forward.

Sesame Street birthday party activity stations

There were several activity stations, each inspired by a different Sesame Street character, so the kids had plenty to keep them busy! Sophie’s easel became the “Bert and Ernie Chalk Station.” Kids practiced their counting skills at the “Count with The Count” station where they counted goldfish, cookies, ice cream cones, and other fun things and then lifted a flap to discover the correct answer. Sophie’s play kitchen became “Cooking with Cookie Monster.” You can learn more about how the play kitchen was made here.

Sesame Street birthday party activity stations

More fun stations! Kids could blow bubbles with Big Bird, draw at “Elmo’s Crayon Station” or sculpt play-doh at “Grover’s Play-Doh Station.” Then could play “Oscar’s Trash Toss” by throwing away balled-up newspapers.

Pin the nose on Elmo game

This “Pin the Nose On Elmo” game was handmade by clipping a large sheet of aluminum to an easel and then glueing magnets to the back of the red circle noses.

Sesame Street birthday cupcakes

Linda says, “We got inspiration from Annie’s Eats for the cupcakes, which included Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar, Cookie Monster and Grover. Big Bird’s beak is made from a cut marshmallow lined with a red sugar sheet and covered in yellow icing.”

Sesame Street birthday cupcakes

Candy eye balls, jelly beans and black sugar sheets were used to create the facial features. We used colored cupcake liners that coordinated with the color of the character, with the exception of Oscar who got a silver liner to represent his trash can.”

Sesame Street birthday cake

Sophie has an egg allergy so Linda whipped up this great egg-free cake with a Rice Krispie treat Elmo on top! You can get the egg-free cake recipe here.

Sesame Street birthday party

Thank you so much for sharing, Linda! Happy birthday Sophie! : )

Sesame Street character pom poms – Handmade using this tutorial
Sesame Street Party Signs – Handmade
Big Bird’s Bubble Station – Handmade using this bubble station, inspired by Annie’s Eats
Oscar’s Trash Toss – Handmade using this trash can, inspired by Annie’s Eats
Count with The Count – Handmade, inspired by Annie’s Eats
Grover’s Play-Doh Station – Handmade
Elmo’s Crayon Station – Handmade
Bert and Ernie’s Chalk Station – Handmade using this easel
Cooking with Cookie Monster Station – Handmade
Pin the Nose on Elmo game – Handmade
Sesame Street cupcakes and birthday cake – Homemade, inspired by Annie’s Eats