Savory rainbow recipes

Rainbow desserts are kind of everywhere, aren’t they? When you’re planning a rainbow party, it’s easy to find all the rainbow dessert inspiration you might need – there are rainbow cakes, cookies, Jello parfaits, and cookies are everywhere you turn! (Not to mention good ol’ Skittles.) ; ) But finding something that’s not frosted, with sprinkles on top… that can be a challenge. Here are some savory main dishes that you can serve at a rainbow party, or for St. Patrick’s Day!

1. Rainbow spaghetti via Tablespoon – you can use this technique to make any shape pasta, of course!

2. Rainbow fruit wraps via Tablespoon – no added sugar here, just fruit!

3. Rainbow pizza via Tablespoon awesome.

4. Rainbow vegetable salad via Babble – serve a variety of dressings on the side

5. Cream cheese and jelly rainbow sandwiches via Tablespoon – made with all different colors of jelly, from cherry to pineapple to mint


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