Rope letter tutorial - great backdrop for a country western party!

Rope details are a signature of country-western style, so why not make it a highlight of your decor? This rope letter is a quick and easy DIY project by Megan of  Coffee Cups and Crayons. The secret – heavy duty floral wire. So clever!! Megan says the project comes together in a snap, and as you can see, it’s a lot of impact for very little fuss. (Gotta love that!)

Megan explains, “The most difficult part was determining how we were going to get the rope to keep its shape. We decided that some sort of wire would probably be the easiest to work with and found a heavy duty floral wire at Michael’s that worked perfectly!”

1. Once we had our supplies we cut the rope to the lengths we wanted with tin snips. A razor would have worked too (that’s actually what the guy at Home Depot used to cut it at the store), but this was much faster!

2. Next we cut equal lengths of floral wire.

3. Then we threaded the wire through the rope.

4. We just twisted and loosened the rope to get the wire through when it would get stuck. Super easy!

5. After the wire was all the way through we burnt the ends of the rope with a grill lighter to stop it from fraying.

6. Then used fishing line to tie the the ends together for a tighter, smoother look.

7. And finally, we tied the corners of the letters together with more of the fishing line to form the H.


Reposted gratefully with permission from Megan of Coffee Cups and Crayons.


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