Practical Party Tips: Summer Fun

Today’s blog post is a guest feature with Tiffany of Fizzy Party!

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Summer is here and that means every weekend is full of BBQ’s, summer birthday parties, family reunions and spontaneous gatherings. How do you keep the kids busy at these events so adults can enjoy a little social time? Here are some ideas:

Bubbles are always fun for kids of all ages. Pick some up at your local dollar store and you’ll give them hours of inexpensive fun.

A scavenger hunt. Set up items for the kids to find in your yard or have them look for things in nature – flowers, stones, clouds in the sky. Print out images of what you want the kids to search for and let them explore.

A mister. During one hot summer party we hooked up a mister to our hose and the kids loved it. It was just enough water for them to have fun but not so much that they got soaked. Keep towels on hand for the kids to dry off with.

Donuts on a string. Remember this game from when you were a kid? At a Halloween party last year, the kids had never seen this game and they loved it. After they got their donut they wanted to do it again. This game isn’t only for Halloween – it’s a fun summer party game too.

– Set up a temporary tattoo station. Kids love these! You can get temporary tattoos from many online stores. Enlist a friend to help run the station.

Silly String is another kids’ favorite. You can find Silly String at dollar stores, so it’s an inexpensive and fun activity.

Kids love to be active and the fun listed above will put smiles on their faces, burn off those treats they love to eat at parties, and tire them out for the drive home!

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