Practical Party Tips: Hostess Gifts

Today’s blog post is a guest feature with Tiffany of Fizzy Party!

Welcome back to Practical Party Tips. I hope you are finding this series helpful!

With summer in full swing you’ll be going to a lot of parties and BBQ’s, and bringing a hostess gift is always a nice touch. I always appreciate when my friends bring a hostess gift. If you’re thinking the gift has to be expensive – it doesn’t.

Wine is the classic go-to hostess gift and is always a nice gesture, especially when you’re invited to a dinner party. I host a lot of parties and I don’t think I’ve had to buy a bottle of wine in years!

Not everyone drinks alcohol though, so what do you bring instead?

One hostess gift I laughed at and really appreciated was when my friend brought me plastic food containers. I’m always sending friends home with food and desserts from the party so I don’t have leftovers for weeks. I loved this hostess gift. It was inexpensive for my friend, and unique and very useful for me.

Flowers are always a nice hostess gift, whether you bring cut flowers or potted plants your host can plant in their yard later. If you’re invited to a weekend party, stop by your local farmer’s market where you can pick up a beautiful bunch of flowers for a great price.

Mason jars are very hot right now and can be filled with lots of small, fun items.  Make a s’more kit by filling the jar with mini graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate, fill it with a cookie mix or make summer in a jar with a travel size sunscreen, lip balm and pretty nail polish. The possibilities are endless.

Pretty paper napkins, cupcake liners and sprinkles (if the hostess bakes), and specialty food items are all wonderful hostess gifts as well.

The next time you’re invited to a party, think about picking something up a little something for the hostess. They will really appreciate it!

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