Popsicle stick Christmas ornaments you can make - plus a tree topper!

Popsicle stick ornament crafts are a time-honored tradition for kids! I know my mom and dad still have several that I made when I was little, and they have a spot on the tree even after all these years. Because even the simplest ornament can be a treasure when it’s homemade, don’t you think?

Here are some craft stick ornaments (and one very cool tree topper) that you can make with your kiddos this year:

1. A simple reindeer ornament made with felt, googly eyes, and a red pom-pom nose – via Crafts-For-All-Seasons

2. Popsicle sticks spray painted white make a beautiful Christmas tree topper! (Though I’m thinking it does need some glitter.) ; ) – via BHG

3. A craft stick Santa made from sticks, cardboard, paint and yarn

4. A sweetly decorated popsicle stick sled – here’s a tutorial on how to make a similar sled

5. A rustic tree made with craft sticks, finger paint and buttons – Paint the sticks with green finger paint then cut them down and hot glue together to make the trees. Glue on buttons. To secure the twine I glued it between two popsicle sticks.

6. How to make a popsicle stick snowman, complete with a jaunty little hat – via HubPages



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