Confession: There’s a lot of pressure in party-blogger-land to do features, to show every last detail and provide a list of vendors nine miles long. That’s what a lot of my blog posts look like, and don’t get me wrong – posts like that are wonderful, since it really is all about the details! I know my customers spend hours scouring the internet for ideas because it’s the little things that matter (and it’s the little things that make a party extra-special).

But what to do if a sweet customer sends me just one photo, or a few? It’s not enough for a “feature,” but I sure love the pictures anyhow. I usually just tuck them away (I keep every picture that customers send me) – but today I realized, why not just post them to my blog anyway, even if it’s just one or two pictures and not two dozen? (Umm… yes, somehow this is a lightbulb moment!)

So today, here are two pictures – of stickers, and cups, and straws from a pink lemonade theme party – that are completely darling and make me really, really happy. I hope you enjoy them too! And be on the lookout for more “mini-features” – I do love to share photos!

Pink lemonade! - Personalized stickers from Chickabug

Thank you to my wonderful customer Amanda for sending these pictures!

Pink lemonade! - Personalized stickers from Chickabug

Items shown: Pink lemonade stickers


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