Sweet customer and crafty mama Lauren (of Ellison’s Ice Cream Parlour) is back with another wonderful party this year! “This year Ellison turned 6 and wanted her own lemonade stand,” Lauren says. “This was such a fun party!! In South Carolina in September it is perfect weather for a lemonade stand at the park!”

Pink lemonade birthday party

Lauren says, “On the dessert table we used a cake almost identical to the one from Charlee’s pink lemonade party on your blog… in fact that party was my inspiration! The cake was hot pink with lemon fondant on top but the bottom had actual pink lemonade gumballs around it. The cupcakes had small lemon slice candies on top. The cookies on Ellison’s stand were made with yellow icing and white from Sweetopia’s tutorial for citrus cookies.”

Pink lemonade birthday party

Pink lemonade stickers adorned the pink paper cups, and the lemon cookies and pink cupcakes were perfect for the theme!

Pink lemonade birthday party

Lauren made burlap tablecloths with hot pink runners, and added wooden crates for another rustic touch. She covered the picnic tables at the park with white linen tablecloths and hot pink runners as well.

Birthday cake - Pink lemonade party

The adorable fruit slice fabric came from Hobby Lobby.

Pink lemonade birthday party

Lemonade and cookies were “sold” for 6 cents because the birthday girl is 6. How cute is that!

Pink lemonade stand

Lauren says, “We created a hot pink lemonade stand with a cute topper, and added coin jar to collect ‘6 cents’ for the lemonade and homemade lemon cookies. Ellison pretended to sell cookies and actually poured lemonade for all of her guests from the stand. Each pink cup had one of your stickers that said ‘Ellison’s Lemonade Stand.’ The front of the little stand had baskets for our bubblegum necklace kits, and shelves with bubbles for the children. I loved the stickers you made for the bubbles!!”

Bubbles! - Pink lemonade birthday party Lemonade stand

To make Ellison’s lemonade stand, Lauren says, “we took a blue and white fruit stand from Target that we already had for a few years. We spray painted it hot pink, screwed in wooden legs from Lowes to the bottom to make it taller (since Ellison had grown), and replaced the top. My mom sewed the citrus fabric overhang cover.”

Pink lemonade birthday party Bubbles! - Pink lemonade birthday party Pink lemonade birthday party

“Besides the food display, the other main table was our fun table with a pink tower of gum ball necklace kits,” Lauren says. “The girls’ necklaces had a hot pink satin ribbon and pink lemonade gum balls and the boys’ kits had other colors. The moms helped their kids thread the ribbon and gum balls with large plastic needles. This activity was a huge hit at the party! The kids loved blowing bubbles and could use our bubble refill container if they spilled or ran out.”

Pink lemonade birthday party Guest book - Pink lemonade birthday party

“I made a sign that said ‘leave Ellison a birthday wish’ and placed sharpies and scrapbook paper out for all of the guests to sign.”

Pink lemonade birthday party

Pinwheel centerpieces are one of Lauren’s signature details at her parties. She says, “I made pinwheels in the party colors, stuck them in little containers, and then glued gum balls at the opening for the table centerpieces. I used your stickers on the double ribbon on the box for a sweet touch!”

Pink lemonade birthday party

Lauren says, “The pink lemonade was soooo cute in mason jars with daisy lids and paper straws in lemon yellow and pink! I used a lemon and printables from you for the mason jar tags! Loved it! The park also has beautiful trees and a great playground. I thought it turned out perfect!!”

Pink lemonade birthday party Party favor - Make your own pink lemonade

For party favors, each child got a bubble gum necklace and each family took home a cute “make your own lemonade” baggie. Lauren says, “I totally got this from your blog with the cute pink marshmallows and the lemon colored lemonade! I used two of your tags for this – one was ‘Thank you for making my party so sweet’ and the opposite side was ‘just add 8 cups of water and lots of love!'”

Thank you so much for sharing, Lauren! Happy 6th birthday to Ellison! : )


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