A bag of lemonade mix with little pink and yellow marshmallows, plus custom made cookies and personalized tags and stickers – are these the cutest pink lemonade party favors ever? I think so! : ) These pictures are courtesy of my wonderful customer Melissa, who made these favors for her daughter Emma’s birthday party. Melissa was so kind as to share all her sources with us so that if you want to make the same favors for your pink lemonade party, it’ll be easy!

The cutest pink lemonade party favors!

The special cone shaped bags are 6″x12″ cone bags. The lemonade mix is Country Time Lemonade, and Melissa says “the amount of lemonade mix in each was to the 2 quart line on the inside of that cup that comes with the mix.”

For the marshmallows, you’ll need Jet-Puffed Fun Mallows, which Melissa got at Target. She says, “they are tropical flavored and come with green, orange, pink and yellow marshmallows all mixed together. I bought a bunch of bags and picked out the pink and yellow ones, which are strawberry and lemon flavored.”

Then, both the favor tags and the stickers are from my shop! : ) The DIY printable pink lemonade favor tags are available here, and the stickers (which are printed and mailed to you) are available here.

The cutest pink lemonade party favors!

And on to the cookies! Aren’t they beautiful? They came from the very talented Karen of Sugar and Flour, who cut each “2” from a custom cutter that she made herself. Half of the cookies were pink-on-yellow, and half were yellow-on-pink.

Melissa highly recommends Sugar and Flour. “Karen is awesome and has made cookies for me for MANY occasions! They came individually wrapped and I just added your favor tag on them.”

The cutest pink lemonade party favors!

Thank you so much for sharing, Melissa! Happy 2nd birthday to Emma! : )


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