Sparklers aren’t just for the Fourth of July anymore! They’re gorgeous on New Year’s Eve, lighting up the dark… and maybe even your dessert! ; )

You can make the simplest dessert into an event when you serve it in a stemmed glass and add a sparkler on top – even plain ice cream is amazing. Photo found via Everything Fabulous.

A sparkler cupcake topper! It looks like the cupcake is served on an upside-down wine glass, although a champagne glass would make it perfect for New Year’s. Photo via The Sweetest Occasion

If you’re wary about lighting sparklers, or having them around the kids, here’s an alternative to the real thing – silver, glittered pom pom sparklers! How adorable are these! (To use them as cupcake toppers or to put them in food, you’d just leave the wands plain instead of glittering them.) Photo from eighteen25; for a tutorial on how to make the pom-pom see Two Shades of Pink.

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