Today’s party feature is an adorable Monster Mash birthday party for 2-year-old Finn! Almost everything you see here was homemade by his crafty mama Amy. She got inspiration from Pinterest for lots of her DIY ideas, including the “Adopt A Monster” toys, the monster Playdoh, and the monster drinks. It’s an absolutely adorable party!

Monster Party Monster party - adopt a monster!

Amy decorated a lime green frame with googley eyes to frame her “Adopt A Monster” sign.

Monster party - adopt a monster!

Kids could choose their favorite monster to take home (a good way to make the selection process easy is by having the kids draw numbers).

Monster Party Monster Party - Monster Mouths

Paper mouths on a stick are always a big hit at a Monster Mash!

Monster Party - Monster Juice

A googley eye and a sharpie-drawn “X” are all it takes to make Monster-Ade sodas.

Monster Party - Monster Playdoh

Playdoh cans decorated with stuck-on faces are another great party favor!

Monster Party Monster Party - marshmallow pops Monster Party - Monster Cake

Finn’s cake was made using candy teeth, googley eyes, marshmallows, and “furry” green frosting.

Monster Party Monster Party

Such a cute little monster Finn is!! Thank you so much for sharing his party with us, Amy!