I’m so excited to share today’s party feature with you all today – it’s a Candyland theme party for not one but THREE sweet little birthday girls!

This ridiculously cute little gal is Chanley. Her mom, Alysha, blogs for How Does She! For Chanley’s first birthday party, Alysha teamed up with two friends who have girls Chanley’s age to throw a joint birthday party. Shared joy – shared expenses. A great idea for a party on a budget. : )

Alysha went with my lollipop theme invitation and customized the wording to suit her Candyland theme. Aren’t the girls’ tutu pictures adorable?

The party table! Most of the food is homemade or – believe it or not – from the dollar store!

Longest. Banner. Ever. Yes – it did say “Happy Birthday Keira, Chanley & Sydney.” It probably wrapped the whole way around the house. ; )

Individually personalized buffet cards mark each type of candy. The giant lollipops are a must, of course!

The gumdrop skewers are so cute, and a really great way to pretty up inexpensive candies!

Alysha and her husband stayed up late the night before the party making the party hats. (That’s love.) : )

The sweet birthday girls! They’re wearing matching handmade dresses.

An ice cream bar…

…and cake pops! Both with multicolored sprinkles to keep the bright color scheme going.

Now, this I love. The oversized lollipop and gumdrop candy decorations only cost about $15 to make. They’re made from paper plates, saran wrap, ribbon, balloons, dowels, and tissue paper!

So super-cute! For step-by-step instructions on how to make similar decorations, check out Parents.com.

Cake time!! Alysha bought the little smash cakes at the grocery store for just $6 each!

I love Chanley’s hands-up photo – she’s like, who? Me? I never touched a blue cake, honest… : )

For favors, what else will do but candy?

Three lollipops for three little girls – and an absolutely lovely first birthday. Thank you so much, Alysha! Happy birthday to Chanley, Keira & Sydney!