DIY "lollipop" party favors for babies - actually a baby spoon and a washcloth!

When you’re throwing a party for a young child, chances are that there will be some babies invited to the party, too. I think it’s a really sweet gesture to give your tiniest party guests a favor of their own, such as a soft book, a teething ring, or a toy. Or, you could give out these “lollipops” – which are so adorable for a candy theme, of course, or any birthday party that features lots of sweets!

These cute lollipop favors are actually made from washcloths and a baby spoon. Crafty mama Bethany made these for her daughter Gentry’s sweet shoppe theme party. Bethany says, “What I did for these was roll up two infant washcloths (in contrasting colors) and then taped them together at the ends. I had to roll several times to get the feel for what I was doing and they never did turn out ‘perfect,’ but with the ribbon and cellophane, nobody noticed! Then I simply positioned a baby spoon behind the washcloths and wrapped it up in cellophane. I couldn’t figure out how to stick the washcloths to the spoon and get them to actually stay, so I didn’t bother! The cellophane was wrapped right enough that it held everything together without a problem.”

Reposted gratefully with permission from Bethany of Hissyfits Photography.