If you waited until the last minute to wrap your gifts, you’re not alone! I recently read that over 25% of the entire year’s wrapping paper sales happen during the week before Christmas. (Doesn’t that make you feel better?!) I always wait until the last minute myself, but I don’t run out to buy wrapping paper. Here’s a secret: I haven’t bought any wrapping paper in years. There are just so many lovely, eco-friendly alternatives that don’t cost a dime!

My personal favorite trick is to use holiday-themed brown paper shopping bags, but there are loads of other pretty options just lying around the house once you know where to look. Here are some ideas:

1. Paper bags and newspaper never looked so sweet! – via Casa Sugar

2. Evergreen trimmings used instead of bows, a gorgeous idea via Corinna vanGerwen – so you can go green, literally : )

3. Pretty cloth as gift wrap, via the prairie girl – you can re-use the cloth yearly, or it can be part of the gift for someone who likes to sew.

4. Newspaper gone glam, via Country Living – that’s one heck of a bow, I love it! (For something simpler, here’s a tutorial on how to make a basic paper bow.)

5. Children’s artwork, via via BellaPamella – every parent has stacks of artwork on hand, and little ones will be proud to give gifts wrapped in their masterpieces.

6. Sheet music as wrapping paper, via Country Living – you can also use maps, sewing patterns, pages from old books, calendars, and of course there’s my favorite… Trader Joe’s bags!


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