Since it’s been hotter than hot lately, I thought some frosty cold inspiration might be just the thing! Here are some unique ways to dress up your ice cubes, whether for a party or just for the fun of it:

1. Add fruit to your ice cubes – as the cubes melt, you’ll be left with crunchy frozen fruit. Yum! {via Pip & Ebby}

2. Freeze mint leaves or edible flowers into ice cubes for a sophisticated touch. {image via Pei Li’s Miniatures}

3. Perfect for parties – make extra-large ice cubes in muffin trays. You can add any fruit you like, then use them to keep punch cool – so pretty. {pic via Martha Stewart}

4. To jazz up lemonade, iced tea, or cocktails, freeze fruit purees into cubes. {peach ice cube recipe via Paula Deen}

5. The secret to really good iced coffee: make coffee ice cubes and use them to chill your drink! {image via}

6. Chocolate ice cubes, oh my word!! When you add milk, the cubes will start to melt and create chocolate milk. {recipe at Just A Pinch}