I’ve seen quite a few party backdrops, but never anything quite like this! For her daughter Ellison’s 5th birthday, crafty mama Lauren prepared a decadent ice cream parlour themed party, including the most fabulous “storefront.” Just take a look…

I can’t even get over it this hand-painted mural. Just look at the streaks on the glass, the pink bricks, the awning, the sweets in the windows… I almost had to do a double-take to see what’s real and what’s painted. Just gorgeous!

Single-serving scoops of ice cream were served in stemmed bowls, and guests could add their own toppings and whipped cream. Lauren says, “the kids had so much fun making ice cream sundaes!”

Here’s a view of the whole room, including the sweets table and the tables set up for the party guests.

This has to be one of the most adorable ice cream themed cakes ever! The “ice cream” and “bananas” look SO real.

I love the detail of the birthday girl’s initials painted on the ice cream shoppe windows!

The party favors were packaged in small ice cream cartons – they make a charming display!

As if the “ice cream” cake weren’t enough, here’s another trick of the eye – these are cupcakes!

Stickers from my shop decorate the drink cups and centerpieces.

Kids played a “create your own ice castles” game by stacking mini ice cream cones. The trick? They’re held together with frosting in between each layer.

What an absolutely stunning party, Lauren – thank you for sharing! Happy 5th birthday to Ellison! : )