Tis (almost) the season to send out this year’s holiday cards! Every year I print thousands upon thousands of return address labels for Christmas cards (they’re a really popular Christmas item to say the least!) and I’m often asked how to pluralize last names. Total honesty here – I also see a lot of typos. So I know it’s a really common mix-up to be unsure of how to pluralize your family name, especially if it ends in a tricky letter like “z” or “s”.

To help out I made a handy dandy chart that will clear everything up in no time flat! (Yay!)

How to Pluralize Your Last Name for Holiday Cards. It's such a common question! Never wonder what to do again with this handy dandy chart!

I hope this handy guide helps! Now… head on over to my shop to order this year’s personalized Christmas return address labels! : )


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