How about this for a unique mermaid party favor: homemade sea glass candy! Yes – this is edible sea glass. Isn’t it beautiful?

Kim of The Partiologist is the creative talent who came up with this idea. She made a simple hard candy, colored it to be sea green, and added large blue sprinkles. You can also add any flavor of candy flavoring you want! Broken into rough pieces, the candy looks just like sea glass.

Packaged up in a bag (on a bed of raw cane sugar, with a candy seashell accent) the sea glass makes a really lovely party favor.


How to make candy sea glass


2 C sugar
1/2 C water
2/3 C white corn syrup
Candy flavoring
Large blue sprinkles
Sea green food coloring


Spray a jelly roll pan with Pam.

Bring the hard candy ingredients to a boil. Boil to hard crack (300 degrees). Add 1 tsp. flavoring and food coloring until you reach your desired shade. Pour into the greased jelly roll pan and immediately sprinkle with sprinkles.

Let the candy cool, then crack it with a knife.

Lift the candy out of the pan and break apart by tapping it with your knife handle.

Place all the candy shards in a bowl and sprinkle with powdered sugar (the sugar helps prevent the candy from sticking together). Stir until all the candy is sugar coated.

Now you’re ready to make gift bags. Pour some raw sugar into food-safe candy bags (the brown color of raw sugar looks like sand). Add a candy seashell and some of your homemade candy sea glass. Tie the bags with sea green tulle.


Posted with permission from Kim at The Partiologist. Thanks Kim!