Mini piñata cupcake toppers - filled with candies!

I just love a piñata. I never met a piñata I didn’t like! So this idea – a mini piñata filled with candy and perched on top of a cupcake – just makes me giddy! ; ) The idea is by Dácil of Little Cook, who created these cute cupcakes for Father’s Day last year. The original blog post is in Spanish, and the instructions read:

1 sheet of tissue paper, 1 lollipop stick, 1 package of mini smarties, 1 cupcake or muffin, needle and thread

Cut a large circle from the tissue paper. Fill it with mini smarties and make a pouch. Insert the lollipop stick and tape the pouch closed around the stick. Sew around the tissue paper, using large stitches. Pull on the string to open the piñata, and enjoy!

See more of Dácil’s creative recipes and ideas on her blog, here!

Reposted gratefully with permission from Dácil of Little Cook.