How to make FABULOUS glittered pumpkins for Halloween!

Earlier in the week I found some glittery pumpkins on Pinterest that just about knocked my socks off! I must make some glitter pumpkins of my own this year, so I wanted to find some tips on how to go about it. A bit of web-searching later and I found that everyone agrees on the basic technique, which is:

1. Spread a layer of white glue or mod podge over a small pumpkin
2. Hold the pumpkin over a paper plate, newspaper, or wax paper to catch excess glitter
3. Sprinkle glitter over the pumpkin, covering completely
4. Let dry, then shake off excess glitter

But, I found lots of helpful hints online, too:

Martha Stewart says to use a real pumpkin, and to also coat pumpkin stems with brown acrylic paint. Then, the pumpkins will last for several weeks to several months. Meanwhile, BHG recommends using faux pumpkins so that they can be reused year after year.

Allison at A Glimpse Inside says to work in small sections, otherwise the glue may dry out before you get the glitter in place. Andrea at Oasis Accents has a way to get around how pricey glitter can be – check the dollar store and you might get lucky!

And, the glitter experts at Art Glitter recommend prepping your faux pumpkins by applying a thin layer of adhesive, letting it dry, and then following the instructions above. (You can download Art Glitter’s detailed instructions sheet here.)

I also read in several places that you’d better be prepared for a glitter explosion if you take this project on, because glitter has such a way of spreading… but who says that’s a bad thing, right?!


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