There are lots of ways to dress up plain paper lanterns, but this is a really fun and easy idea – glitter!

How to make fabulous DIY glitter lanterns

These would be pretty for birthday parties, the 4th of July (think sparklers), Christmas (silver bells), New Year’s (ball drop)… and of course you could make them in any color you like. A little messy, perhaps – but so fabulous!

How to make fabulous DIY glitter lanterns

It’s very, very easy to make these glittered lanterns.

What you’ll need:

1) A round white paper lantern. The lanterns we bought were quite small (9″). If you are only doing one lantern, we would suggest a larger one.

2) Cheap silver glitter. It is important that you buy a cheap kind because you will use a lot of this. We used some larger glitter called “paillettes”

3) Glittering glue

4) Foam brush applicator


What you’ll do:

1) Paint on your glue in large sections around the lantern.  This is easier if you have an extra set of hands to hold the lantern open and taught but can be managed by yourself.

2) Sprinkle on your glitter to the section you have glued.  Shake it around.

3) Repeat until the entire lantern is covered.

4) Hang to dry and enjoy its glittery beauty!


Reposted gratefully with permission from Megan and Colleen of Two Delighted.