Since I offer DIY cupcake topper designs in my shop, I thought it would be pretty handy to have a tutorial that shows how to make a cupcake topper! It’s an easy project and it’s actually a lot of fun. (You have to love a project that doesn’t cost too much, doesn’t take too long, and has extremely cute results!) : )


{Step one} Gather your supplies

Here’s what’s shown:

Yes! You read that right. Stir sticks from Starbucks. They make the best cupcake topper sticks ever! I found that out after hunting in every craft store on the planet for cute little popsicle sticks. I couldn’t find any, and then there they were – in my coffee! They’re just the right size, they are super-duper-thin, and best of all, they are FREE! Or maybe I should say, free with any purchase! ; )

(Disclaimer: Please don’t sue me, Starbucks! I love you and I give you five dollars a day!)

The mat shown underneath my supplies is a self-healing Xacto cutting mat, but it’s not necessary for this project. It’s just my little home base for all DIY craftiness.


{Step two} Cut your popsicle sticks in half

The sticks are too long as-is, so you need to cut them in half to make them the right length. I use a pair of wire cutters to get the job done. It works great!


{Step three} Cut your printable circles into strips

Cut just underneath each row of circles to create horizontal strips of paper.


{Step four} Punch out your circles

To me, this is the most fun part! Align each design within the viewing area of the craft punch, and punch away!


{Step five} Glue the popsicle stick to the back of a printable circle

Put a printable circle face down, so that the blank side is facing you. Use your glue stick to put a little glue on the top half-inch or so of the popsicle stick (make sure you glue the side that’s been cut – that way, the cute rounded end will be the one left showing). Press the glued area of the stick firmly against the back of the printable circle.


{Step six} Add a second printable circle

Put another printable circle face down and cover the entire surface with glue. Line up this circle with the bottom circle, and gently press down to adhere the circles around the popsicle stick. And you’re done – already! I told ya – easy as can be! : )