Did you spot this fabulous shaggy rag wreath in Jameson’s sock monkey party feature? It certainly caught my eye since I love a good wreath, especially one that’s made to match a party theme! This sock monkey wreath captured all of the colors from Jameson’s party, with gray, cream, brown, red and white polka dot fabric. There’s even some sock monkey fabric in there, too. Crafty mama Jennifer made the wreath herself, and she’s sharing her tutorial with us today. It’s the best sort of DIY project – quick, easy, and inexpensive!

How to make a sock monkey rag wreath

Materials needed: An 18″ straw wreath, about 5 types of fabric (1-1/4 yards total), a box of greening pins, a short length of ribbon, and scissors.

Start with an 18″ straw wreath, and leave the plastic on so it doesn’t shed. Buy a variety of fabrics (Jennifer bought 5 fabrics from Hobby Lobby – 1/4 yard each). Choose fabrics that are not dull on one side.

Cut the fabric into approximately 1.5″ wide by 10″ long strips.

Stick a greening pin into the wreath and tie the fabric strips onto the pin. (Jennifer tied 5 strips onto each pin – one strip of each pattern of fabric.)

After the fabric strips are tied on, push the pin into the wreath as far as it will go. Repeat all the way around the wreath until it’s nice and full.

How to make a sock monkey rag wreath

Ta-da! In about 2 hours, your wreath will be ready to hang. Add a loop of ribbon to the back of the wreath (using another greening pin) to create a hanging loop. For the finishing touch, you can also add a printable pennant banner triangle to the center of the wreath.

Thank you so much to Jennifer for sharing her tutorial! Check out the rest of Jameson’s fabulous party here!