Take foil baking cups, fold them in half, glue them together in staggered rows, and you get…

…fish scales! Or, since these are pink, aqua, and gold, mermaid scales! Isn’t that the cutest (and easiest) idea for mermaid party backdrop?

For an under the sea party, you could just switch out the girlie colors for blues and greens; for a goldfish party, you could use blue and orange or gold. And of course if you just like this look you could use it with any theme – the idea is so versatile!

This foil cup backdrop idea is courtesy of Hey Look, a super-stylish design group based in Finland. Here’s how to make it:

To put this together, you need baking cups (straightened out and cut in half), large paper sheets as the backdrop base and paper glue. Just stick the half-round cups on layer by layer starting from the bottom row. In the end, cut off the overlapping cups on both sides of the backdrop and you’re done.


Reposted with permission from Michaela and Lotta of Hey Look. Thank you, ladies!