How to assemble a printable banner

I’m often asked how to assemble a printable banner, so I thought a little tutorial might be just the thing! And I do mean little tutorial, because as you’ll see, it is SO easy to make a banner. They look impressive once they’re all done and hung up, but they’re an absolute cinch to make.

Now, the printable birthday banners that I sell in my shop are much larger and have lots more pieces than the cute little guy shown in this tutorial, but no matter how many pennants you would like to assemble, the technique stays the same. So even if you’re getting ready to tackle a larger banner, don’t worry, this is the tutorial you need! So. Ready to get started? : )

How to assemble a printable banner

STEP ONE: Punch holes in the corners.

Grab your trusty hole puncher and punch a hole in the top left and top right corners of each pennant. I used a miniature hole punch because I’ll be putting my pennant together with twine, which is very thin. If you want to use a thicker option like a ribbon, use a regular size hole puncher.

How to assemble a printable banner

STEP TWO: Thread onto ribbon or twine.

Cut a piece of ribbon or twine that’s going to be at least 18-24″ longer than your finished banner, including leaving a little extra space between each pennant. When in doubt, cut it extra-long. Trust me. Then just thread your ribbon or twine through each piece as shown.

How to assemble a printable banner

STEP THREE: A little piece of tape.

Notice that here, I got out my trusty 10-year-old tape dispenser (seriously, this thing is way older than my dog). Ah well, it’s old and ugly, but that’s just how I roll. If it ain’t broken, don’t replace it. ; ) Anyhoo, after you’ve strung up all your pennants and have them spaced the way you want them, tape the ribbon or twine down in the center of each pennant. This will keep your pennants in place and will keep the ribbon or twine from poking out over the top when it’s hung up.

How to assemble a printable banner

STEP FOUR: Party like the rock star you are!

You are DONE! Already! You’re ready to rock ‘n roll with your fabulous banner. Wasn’t that the easiest little project ever? I told ya it’s not so hard. : )

I hope this little tutorial was helpful! To check out more DIY tutorials, click here.