Halloween soda labels! Eek how cute are these!!

I started working on new Halloween designs super early this year, and I’m super excited to share these with you! I made a whole new line of Halloween soda labels that are sure to be a huge hit at your Halloween party, or would be so cute to share in your kids’ class.

There’s cute-and-sweet Pumpkin Juice and Candy Corn designs, or spooky Boo Juice and Brew of Bat. Crafty witches will need some Wicked Witches Brew or Spider Cider. Dare party guests to try Poisonous Potion or Toxic Tonic. And what may be my favorites… have a fun gross-out moment with Vampire Blood and Goblin Snot! (Hehehe!!)

These are seriously so much fun and they make me so excited for Halloween this year!!

How To:

To make the bottles shown in my pictures, I used 12 oz. bottles of Orange Fanta, which I bought at Target by the case. I emptied a few bottles to make the other colors: the green bottles have Sprite with extra green food coloring added, and the red is Kool-Aid. You can do the same with any soda bottle or water bottle – the labels fit any bottle that has a 2″ high space for a label, including mini sizes!

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