Easy Halloween craft projects: Fun with faces! #diy #halloween #partyideas

While poking around Pinterest I noticed that a lot of Halloween projects have something in common. You start with an everyday object, add a spooky or silly face to it, and there you have it – handmade Halloween decor! Here are a few of my favorite finds:

1. Halloween milk shooters with ghost faces

Draw little ghost faces on your shot glasses with a black marker. Dp the rims in Nutella or white chocolate spread, followed by the Halloween sprinkles. Pour in some milk and serve them up to your little ghosts and gobins!

2. Halloween candy vases

These were made using Dollar Store vases, candle stick holders, E600 glue and black vinyl.

3. Mod podge mason jar lanterns

Grab your favorite mason jar. Using mod podge, apply strips of tissue paper to the outside of the jar. Cut your monster faces out of black construction paper and glue to the newly-tissue-papered jars using mod podge. Wrap the metal lid band in Halloween ribbon or fabric & you have your very own monster! Drop in a battery-operated tea light to make a spooky lantern. Or, fill your jar with some yummy treats, seal up the top & you’ve got a boo-tiful gift, ready for giving.

4. Glowing ghosts via Martha Stewart

Snap one or two green eight-hour light sticks so they glow, and insert them into a white balloon. Inflate balloon, and tie closed. Use a black marker to draw the ghost’s ghastly visage. Repeat to make his friends. Then hang ghosts with transparent tape, and lower the lights.

5. Super spooky skull candy jar

Cut out a design with contact paper and place it on your jar to use as a stencil. Paint your jar with glass paint. It will take many many thin coats. Once dry to the touch, remove your stencil. Fill in any areas as necessary by hand. Let cure for 24 hours. Bake glass at 300 degrees F for 35 min. (or however long is indicated – follow the directions on your specific brand of paint). Once baked your glass will be waterproof.

Mod podge some fabric on the top of your lid. Spray paint the rim of your lid black. Top with a cute bow.

6. Witch candy jars

The witch hat, “hair,” and face are all made from construction paper. The face is glued on with mod podge, and the hat simply sits on top.


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