FREE printable Thanksgiving door hanger - a cute way for kids to count their blessings!

I have a sweet little free printable for you today. : ) A Thanksgiving door hanger, to help your little ones count their blessings leading up to Thanksgiving! Each child can have their own door hanger and add to it whenever they wish, or you can gather as a family to decorate your door hangers and then put the finished hangers on display. Or to make it really interactive, you can talk with your children each day about what they’re thankful for, write that day’s choice on a Post-It, and put it in on the door hanger (a Post-It fits perfectly in the white space). Then you’ll have a new focus every day from now until Thanksgiving, and a little ritual to look forward to, too.

Whether it’s a quick project or whether it lasts all season long, I hope my little door hanger will have a special place in your home! Enjoy!!





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