I’m cackling like a happy witch over here, because I’m so excited about this free printable!! It started out as a custom order for a MOST fabulous customer – one who cussed four times while talking about Martha Stewart in a positive way, therefore sealing the deal as one of my favorite people ever – and the project ended up being SO much fun that I wanted to share it with everybody! Here it is, just in time for Halloween: a printable spell book!

Free printable spell book cover!

Eeeeek and CACKLE CACKLE!! Doesn’t this just make you want to stir a giant cauldron?? You can use your spooky spell book as part of your Halloween decor all season long. At a Halloween party, this book would be a fantastic decoration, or it would be perfect for storytelling – just crack open the book and let your imagination run wild! So much fun.

Free printable spell book cover!

As far as DIY projects go, this one’s a cinch. Here’s all you need:

Hardcover book
Your book does not need to be as Halloween-ready as my before picture is – hee! However, it does need to be about the same size. Looking at my bookshelves, I noticed that a lot of the hardcover books are the same dimensions, so I’m thinking that it’s a standard cover size – 6.25″ x 9.25″. My book also has a 1″ spine (that’s 300 pages, more or less).

3 sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ paper
I used a regular weight, laser-friendly paper stock. You can use any paper you like that prints nicely and will stand up to a bit of handling.

Something to cut with, and scotch tape
I always use an Xacto and a ruler, but you can also use a paper cutter or whatever else you’re comfortable with.

Everybody ready? Here’s the super-simple assembly!

Free printable spell book cover!

1. Cut out each printed page at the edges of the image. You’ll have four pieces: front, back, and two spines.

2. Tape the pieces together from the underside – one long piece of tape down the seam, plus smaller pieces at the top and bottom edges. This helps reinforce the seam and keep everything held together.

3. Wrap the book cover around the book. Note that only one seam will be visible from the outside – the two flap seams will be inside the book for a nicer finish on the edges.

Free printable spell book cover!

Before and after, in under five minutes (including pictures)!

Free printable spell book cover!

The one catch: this file’s a doozy. It’s a fairly big ‘un. So if you don’t have a speedy internet connection, please be patient when you download! (Casting a few spells while you wait should pass the time nicely.)

And if you like this project, let me know!! I want to make fun stuff that you’ll like, so leave me a comment and let me know what you think!






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