FREE! Printable pink ribbon favor tag for breast cancer awareness

[download here!]

Breast cancer awareness is a cause that’s near and dear to my heart, as my grandmother was a breast cancer survivor. She had cancer at an early enough age that it was always a part of who she was, to me. Or really, the part of her that was missing: in the days before reconstructive surgery, she’d had a mastectomy. I didn’t think much of it, in the way that only children can take extraordinary things for granted, but now I fully understand what that meant for her – and what it means for me, too.

And so, when someone asked me to design a favor tag for a breast cancer fundraiser this past week, I jumped at the chance! Then I posted about it on facebook to see if anyone else might be able to use it, too, and I was surprised by the response. It just goes to show that this is a disease that affects us all.

So, here’s my little printable in big ol’ blog world, ready to be downloaded or shared for anyone who’s fundraising or hosting an event and might be able to use it. And if you can use it – thank you.