I might be a total cheeseball, but this year I really wanted to celebrate my dog’s birthday in some small way. And what better way to celebrate than with a free printable that honors adopted dogs, and the families who adopt them!

Read on for the whole story, or skip to the bottom to get the goods. ; )

Meet Charlotte

Although I just celebrated Charlotte’s birthday, it’s a bit of a guess as to how old she is (she’s six… ish). I do know for sure when I adopted her, though: April 5, 2008. At the time, I was regularly volunteering at a shelter. Although I wasn’t really looking for a dog of my own, I could tell Charlotte was special – and that being at the shelter was already getting to her. I took her home so she’d have a quiet place to stay until the next adoption day, and before I knew it she wasn’t going anywhere. She was meant to be with me! It was the best non-decision I ever made. : )

Since then, she has been by my side at every step – she’s my shadow, and I couldn’t lose her if I tried. She’s a heck of a swimmer, a lightening-fast sprinter, and can turn on a dime. She loves riding in the car but makes for an absolutely terrible passenger. She sits six inches from the fireplace all winter, sleeps all the way under the covers at night, and loves to eat kale (what kind of a dog loves kale?). She protects me against absolutely everyone whether I want her to or not (sigh). She can learn a new trick in a weekend or less, has never torn up a single thing in the house, ever, and has made enemies with deliverymen in more than one city. In short, she’s way more than I bargained for… and she’s everything to me.

Here she is, my incredibly loyal, intelligent, ornery, and absolutely-perfect-for-me dog:

Nothing makes me happier than seeing Charlotte wag that little bit of a tail! I love her so, and I’m proud that she’s an adopted dog. It was the right decision for me, and perhaps adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue was the right decision for you and your family, too. If that’s the case, Charlotte and I have a little gift for you. : )

Charlotte’s birthday gift to you: Free printable adoption kits!

If Charlotte could talk, she’d say: I was a shelter dog, and I’m a great dog, and I’d like to thank people who adopted other dogs like me.

But since she can’t talk (or type, or use graphic design software), I’m going to have to do the thanking for her – with a free printable dog adoption kit! It comes in both pink and blue, and it includes:

• Certificate of adoption (worded to be child- or family-friendly)
• Printable circles with a variety of phrases
• Recipe for dog treats
• Bag tags so that your dog can share the treats with their “friends” : )





If you download and use this kit, thank you – from the happy dog who’s watching me type this, and from me, too. : ) And, now that I’ve talked your ear off about Charlotte, I’d love to hear about your dog! Leave a comment and tell me all about them!

PS. By popular demand I’ve also added a free printable CAT adoption set!