Farm theme party games

No farm party is complete without getting outside and playing some games! Here are some farm theme party games that will be a big hit for all ages:

1. Barn Bean Bag Toss via Catch My Party – A party classic. What kid doesn’t love beanbags?

2. Lasso The Cow Game via Denise Morris Kids can “lasso” a homemade cut-out cow with a hula hoop wrapped in thin rope.

3. Duck Matching Game via Chickabug – great memory game with a little twist. Pick two ducks and see if the numbers on the bottom match. (The ducks are from Oriental Trading.)

4. Pin the Wheel on the Tractor via Happy Strong Home

5. Bobbing For Apples via Martha Stewart Another classic.

6. Pigs Are Loose via Cozy Old Farmhouse Draw pig faces on pink balloons. Set them loose in the yard and let the kids round them up.

7. Hobby Horse Obstacle Course via Homemade By Jill – Set up a little obstacle course and have kids “ride” their way through it. You can even make your own hobby horses and then give them away as favors.

8. Gather the Eggs via 123 Homeschool 4 Me – Scatter eggs throughout the house or yard, and have kids gather them up and put them in egg cartons or nests.

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