What little fairy wouldn’t love a fanciful tea party complete with costumes, pink-hued treats, face painting and a magic wand crafting table! That’s just what 4-year-old Ruby got for her birthday thanks to her crafty mama Jen.

A dozen sweet fairies sat around a table set with pink plates and real porcelain tea cups.

The whole spread! Everything was pink: tea sandwiches shaped as flowers and butterflies with pink sprinkles, pink popcorn, strawberry “fairy” cupcakes, pink vanilla and pink raspberry marshmallows, butterfly sugar cookies with pink icing, and a pink and white toadstool cake.

Place cards were set at the table for each guest along with homemade pink tulle balls. Then, “fairy dust” was sprinkled lightly over the whole table.

Before the party, mom and daughter made the napkin rings together – they painted them in various shades of pink and then glittered them.

The fairy princess picks are by Meri Meri. The fairies come with blonde and light brown hair, so Jen “hand-painted” their hair black with a Sharpie to match Ruby’s hair.

The little fairies enjoyed pink cupcakes and pink fruit-infused tea. Jen says, “Every girl tried the fruit tea and most really liked it. Of course, we had pink lemonade and water on hand, too.”

Jen said, “The craft table was set up with pre-painted wooden star wands for them to decorate, glitter, and glue gems to. This was a big hit! I covered the table with a pink plastic tablecloth so cleanup was super easy.”

Jen had decorated a big stand-up mirror with flowers for the girls to see themselves in their fairy costumes. She says, “I left out all of Ruby’s princess and fairy type toys to encourage play and imagination. It did not go unnoticed by this girlie group!”

Ruby and the other fairies loved the face painting…

…and the “Pegasus” piñata! To make it,  Jen took a a horse piñata and added wings, a pink saddle, and glitter to suit the whimsical theme.

Doing the limbo in fairy wings – TOO cute!

Here’s Ruby blowing candles out on her pink toadstool cake. A perfect end to a magical birthday!

Thank you so much for sharing, Jen! Happy birthday to Ruby! : )