This sweet dog and cat theme party was thrown for a brother and sister, Thomas and Ruthie. At the party, kids loved getting to “adopt” a dog or a cat toy to take home, and the dog and cat theme desserts were a big hit too. But the best part was that the party benefitted the local Humane Society! Read on…

Puppy and kitten theme smash cakes

Thomas and Ruthie’s mom, Betsy, made all of the cakes and cookies. Ruthie’s small cake features a white mouse, and Thomas’ small cake features a dog biscuit.

Dog and cat cakes and cookies

The favor cookies are gorgeously decorated cats and dogs.

Cat "water dish" birthday cake

The “kitty water bowl” cake is lemon chiffon with raspberry filling, with a fondant mouse and fish for decoration.

Dog kibble birthday cake

The “dog food bowl” cake is chocolate fudge with fudge filling decorated with “kibbles,” a dog collar, bones, and a red ball.

Dog and cat birthday party - an "Adoption Booth" where kids can adopt a stuffed toy!

The kids visited the adoption booth to choose a new (stuffed toy) pet.

Dog and cat birthday party - an "Adoption Booth" where kids can adopt a stuffed toy!

Here’s birthday girl Ruthie, adopting a toy puppy and filling out his official adoption certificate.

Puppy party - adopting a new pet! The certificate is a FREE printable from Chickabug

Another proud new puppy parent!

Dog and Cat Adoption Party Donations

Instead of presents, guests brought donations for the local Humane Society. With over 50 kids at the party, that added up to a literal truckload of supplies!

Dog Adoption Party Favors

These favors are for the party guests’ actual dogs. How fun is that! There are dog treats and toys to take home.

Puppy theme party cookies - the label is a FREE printable from Chickabug

The “good dog, good treats” label is a free download from Chickabug that’s available here.

Cat Adoption Party Favors

And for the guests’ cats: tiny cups of catnip! The printable cat adoption circles are free – available here.

Dog and Cat Adoption Party Favors Throw a dog or cat theme birthday party, collect donations for the Humane Society, and visit the shelter after the party

After the party, Thomas and Ruthie visited the Humane Society to drop off the donations they collected. Betsy, the kids’ mom, says: The trip to the Humane Society was great! We got to give treats and toys to all the pets we visited. Please let everyone know how good it feels to give back!”

Thank you so much for sharing, Betsy!! Happy birthday to Thomas and Ruthie! : )