Y’all know I love sprinkles. A lot. (The more the better!) So naturally I fell head-over-heels for this DIY sprinkle cake topper by Kirstin of kojo designs!

DIY sprinkle cake topper

Thanks to Kirstin’s clever method of making the topper, it’s entirely edible – it’s just melted candy and sprinkles. It would be a sweet photo op to capture the birthday child eating the number off of his or her cake, wouldn’t it?

How to make a sprinkle number cake topper

To make one of these covered-with-sprinkles-toppers, gather:

Then tape a piece of parchment paper to your computer screen and trace your number (or letter, or shape). Place the shape/number/letter under a piece of wax paper, and, use a piping bag, trace the outline of the shape with melted almond bark or candy melts. Then fill in the outline with more melted almond bark/candy melts. While the candy is still wet, add an abundance of sprinkles.

Let your sprinkled cake topper dry and add to the top of a very pink cake (or another colored cake- whatever your birthday guy or gal requests).

Posted with permission from Kirstin and Jordan of kojo designs. Thank you, ladies!